Sunday, October 23, 2011

How to Get a Minimum of 1,000 Facebook Likes

This sounds easy but definitely hard to perform because it is actually difficult to convince people especially on those targeted areas where and whom you want to get involve in your page. 

The harder of the push you make to be on top of social media marketing world, the greater the chance of winning it.

Getting a minimum of 1,000 people to like your page will need extra efforts, where some of the online companies are hiring more individuals to promote their fan pages and get the targeted "likes" from specific areas like US, UK and Australia. 

Since Facebook declares that the updates that you will be posting on your fan page/s will be distributed randomly to your fans. In other words, your posts will not be visible to all of your Facebook fans. 

Here's the guide on how you will get extra likes on your page.

* Send private messages of your friends and friends of your friends about your Facebook Fan page, your products, blogs and services. Don't send messages in a bulk because Facebook management will suspect you as a spammer and can cause your account of getting banned. Send messages from time to time around 6-10 persons at a time.

* Update your fan page twice or thrice a day. In this method, it ensures you that your wall post will be distributed to your fans accordingly.

* Make your fan page more functional and interesting. Facebook page designs and other applications tabs like Welcome page, Livestream, Youtube,  can also be one of the great factors of why your fans and visitors will like your page.

If you have not yet developed your fan page, let us help you to make the Facebook fan page you ever wanted. Just click the "contact us" to make any reservations and schedule of our services.

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